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About us

Casa de Los Ángeles is a memory care residence designed for persons with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of cognitive loss who benefit from round-the-clock, comprehensive care provided by loving professionals. We offer personalized, nurturing care that preserves our residents’ dignity, fosters their independence and celebrates their individuality.

We offer the highest-quality care at one-third to one-half the cost of similar residences in the United States and Canada. We give residents’ families and friends peace of mind and help ensure financial security.

OUR CORE VALUES include respect, trust, safety, integrity, quality of care and, most importantly, dignity.

Our Location

Casa de Los Ángeles is located in Guatemala in a beautiful wooded area located mid-way between the international airport in Guatemala City and the colonial city of Antigua, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Travel time from the airport is approximately 45 minutes.

The northernmost country in Central America, Guatemala is just south of Mexico. It is easy to reach from major gateway airports in the United States from: Los Angeles on United Airlines (4 hours and 45 minutes); Dallas-Ft. Worth on American Airlines (3 hours); Houston on United (2 hours and 30 minutes); Atlanta via Delta (3 hours); Ft. Lauderdale on Spirit Airlines (2 hours and 45 minutes); and Miami on American Airlines (2 hours and 45 minutes).

The residence is situated at an altitude of 6,200 feet. We have a sunny and pleasant climate, with the average daytime and nighttime temperatures of 75 and 55 degrees, respectively. During the five-month rainy season (May-October), we enjoy refreshing showers, and during the rest of the year, very little rain falls. This climate permits beautiful foliage, flowers and birds to flourish.

Why Guatemala?

There is a great and growing need for high-quality, affordable Alzheimer’s care. Casa de Los Ángeles is the first memory care community in Central America that was designed and built for this purpose. Other facilities are converted family homes, which simply cannot offer the top-notch services we provide in our five-star facility. Our staff reflect the genuinely hospitable, helpful and friendly nature of the Guatemalan people.

We are a memory care residence for people who need comprehensive care. Our facilities provide the highest quality services at affordable prices. We offer exceptionally lovely accommodations and interiors, and easy access to the outdoor gardens and terraces.

Casa de Los Ángeles is committed to offering the best personalized care to 42 residents. Our focus of personal attention helps our residents continue their daily activities. With an average of only 14 residents per section, we are able to pamper your loved one.
Medical decisions are the responsibility of our Medical Director, an English-speaking Gerontologist with years of experience. He supervises the nursing staff and care givers.

Each of our three residential sections has its own nursing station, enabling the staff to know each resident’s needs, life skills, and personal likes and dislikes.

Knowing that quality nutrition helps each resident thrive, our certified chef and culinary team ensure that each resident receives nutritious meals and snacks. Our menus are enhanced by the rich variety of fresh fruits and vegetables available year-round in Guatemala.

Casa de Los Ángeles provides superior medical attention complemented by physical and cognitive therapies such as music, dance, painting, and reminiscence. As shown in the video links, there are many inviting, pleasant areas, inside and outside, to visit with other residents or staff or to be alone in an atmosphere of tranquility.

The home provides easy access to Internet to enable family members to check on or visit with their loved one. Our hospitality staff, under the direction of our Residence and Hospitality Director will be eager to help enable such desired contact.

Our Medical

Meet our Medical Team Members:

Medical Director

Dr. Pablo García

Head Nurse

Licda. Alma Hernández


Licda. Alejandra Giraldo

Occupational Therapist

Licda. Lisbeth Cifuentes


Licda. Zully Luna

Our Geriatrician Medical Director is in charge of the preventive care of our Angelinos who receive 24 hour, 7 days a week attention provided by our highly professional USA and European trained staff.

In addition, our medical team includes, auxiliary nurses, caregivers and external nutritionist.

Our Residential

Meet our Residential Team Members:

Executive Director Assistant

Licda. Isabel Cumes

Executive Chef

Juan de Dios Moran


Mayra Castillo

General Maintenance

Lic. Jorge López

The residential area of Casa de Los Ángeles is composed of a carefully chosen and integrated team, to provide top of the line quality service, including chambermaids, laundry manager, IT support and security.

In addition, all our linens and amenities are carefully selected for the comfort of our Angelino.